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2014-2015 All-State Audition Requirements

Below are the audition requirements for the 2014-2015 All-State Bands, which will audition in September 2014 and perform in January 2015.

Please be aware that the books used for the all-state audition exercises may have multiple editions.  There may be some discrepancies with page numbers between editions, so please be sure to go by the exercise/etude number. 

Questions should be directed to your band director only. 

Students interested in auditioning should register through their band director. Band directors must be current members of FBA and FMEA on September 1, 2014, and then register their students on-line through the MPA-Online system.

Changes and Corrections


Check back here occasionally for corrections or clarifications to the all-state audition requirements.

5/6/2014: No requirements changed, just clarified wording on the following...

  • Middle School Alto/Tenor/Bari Saxophone - Lyrical Exercise - added "no repeats"
  • Middle School Flute - Lyrical Exercise - added "top line"
  • Concert Band Trombone/Baritone BC and TC Technical Exercise - removed "#6" and added "Alla breve"

5/19/2014: Error in some editions of the Rubank Book

  • Middle School Horn: Lyrical exercise, p.37 #22, 4th line, 1st measure, last eighth-note of that measure should be a C.

6/2/2014: Misprint in Rubank Book

  • Concert Band Horn: Technical exercise, 3rd full measure, 3rd beat, last 16th note should be an f natural.

2014-2015 All-State Audition Requirements

 TitleDescriptionModified Date
Middle School BandFor 7th-8th grade Middle School students5/6/2014
Concert BandFor 9th and 10th Grade Students5/6/2014
Symphonic BandFor 11th & 12th Grade Students4/29/2014
High School Jazz BandHigh School (9th-12th grade) Jazz Band Requirements4/29/2014
Middle School Jazz BandFor 7th-8th Grade Jazz Students4/29/2014
High School Jazz Etudes:

The High School All-State Jazz Ensemble auditions use these originally composed etudes rather than a method book for the winds.  

 Middle School