Beginnings at the Bars

Saturday, January 12, 2019
8:45 AM - 9:45 AM
Tampa Convention Center
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Bye Bye Butterfly
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Marvelous Mallets


Do you start to panic when your kindergarten and 1st grade babies start to ask about the Orff instruments? Do you cringe every time they go near them and think “uh, oh!” This session will give you great strategies to prepare your littles to play the Orff instruments properly and give you the tools to make sure that they go back to the instruments week after week with success and progress in their performance! Great action words for proper mallet technique and great tips will be shared!

Katie Grace Miller 

Lake George Elementary
Music Teacher

Katie Grace Miller is in her 14th year of teaching at Lake George Elementary. She received her bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of South Florida and received her Masters degree in Teacher Leadership with a focus on curriculum development from the University of Central Florida. She teaches an after school program named "Lake George Jammers to two separate groups twice a week. She was named Teacher of the Year at Bonneville Elementary in 2008. Katie is also one of the children’s choir directors at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. She has been the featured clinician at Orff chapters and Florida Universities and has conducted All county choirs and Orff groups. She has many lessons featured in Activate magazine for music teachers, wrote “Get to the Point” with her aunt, Artie Almeida. She is also the author of Awesome Books with Musical Hooks and Music and Magical Movement, Oh My!

Session Coordinator:
Shannon Stem

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