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Research Perspectives in Music Education

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2023 Volume 23, Number 1

The Relationship Between Music Familiarity, Music Preference, and Concert Attendance in Music Majors and Non-Music Majors
Warnet, Victoria

A Descriptive Pilot Study on the Use of the Interest Development Scale in Adolescent Piano Students
Salas-Ruiz, Carla

Perceptions of Students, Parents, and Instructors of a Non-School-Based Modern Band Program
Bazan, Dale

Teaching the Standards: Elementary General Music During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Sisson, Christina

Examining the Quality of Pre-Service Teachers' Verbal Feedback in the Context of Secondary-Level Instrumental Music Instruction
Athanas, Myriam; Wesolowski, Brian

Book Review: Psychology for Musicians - Robert Woody
Thompson, Keith

2022 Volume 22, Number 1

Directors' Use and Perceptions of Popular Music in Middle School Concert Band
Weinstein, Julia; Haning, Marshall

Effects of Score Study on Undergraduate Musicians' Performance Ratings and Rehearsal Attitudes in Chamber Ensembles: An Exploratory Study
Scherer, Alec; Silver, Brian

The Effect of Self-Evaluation, Self-Recording Along with Self-Listening, and Modeling on 2nd Graders' Melodic Singing Accuracy
Fixmer, Dylan

Music for All? A Comparison of Florida Middle School Music Enrollment in Traditional, For-Profit, and Nonprofit Charter Schools
Salek, Melissa

Music is for Everyone: Scholarly Resources for Teaching Diverse Students
Hartz, Barry; Sheridan, Megan

2020 Volume 21, Number 1

Who is Your Favorite Teacher, and Why? A Pilot Study
William E. Fredrickson, John A. Lychner, & Ryan Scherber

An Investigation of First Year Florida Music Educator Mentorship Experiences
Rachel Sorenson

Sight-Singing Habits of High-Achieving Middle School and High School Choirs
Paul J. Mayhew & Kevin L. Coker

Musical Breathing Education for Guitarists
Victor Manuel Rubio Carrillo

Working Memory in Musicians: A Review of Literature
Ricardo Pozenatto

A Comparison of Ratings of Bands from Title I Schools vs Non-Title I Schools at the Florida Music Performance Assessment
Eileen McGonigal

2019 Volume 20, Number 1

Exploring Rhythm-Labeling Ability and Sight-Singing Self-Efficacy Among Middle School Choral Students
Carisa Elam, Dorothy Musselwhite-Thompson, & Brian C. Wesolowski

The Effects of Mallet Training on Self-Efficacy and Processing Speed in Beginning Adult Musicians
Jennifer A. Bugos & Patrick Cooper

Music Majors' Evaluations and Comfort Level When Assessing String Orchestra Performances
David A. Pope

Band Enrollment and High School Graduation Rates
Victoria Warnet

An Exploratory Neuropsychological Case Study of Two Chromesthetic Musicians
Stephen F. Zdzinski, Susan J. Ireland, Brian C. Wuttke, Katrina E. Belen, Bradley C. Olesen, Jennifer L. Doyle, & Brian E. Russell

2017 Volume 19, Number 1

An Investigation of Solo and/or Small-Ensemble Experiences on Musical Development and Career Choice of Undergraduate College Music Majors
Steven N. Kelly & Jay Juchniewicz

Repertoire Selection for Concert Band: Preservice Music Teachers’ Perceptions and Development of Knowledge
Sommer H. Forrester

A Case Study of Adult Avocational Chamber Music Practices
Debbie Rohwer

A Phenomenological Case Study of a Community of Practice of P-12 Music Educators
Michael S. Zelenak

2016 Volume 18, Number 2

“The Study of Music in All its Various Branches”: The Friday Morning Musicale of Tampa, Florida
Terese Volk Tuohey

The Professional Career of African-American Bandmaster William Patrick Foster
Nicholas Thomas

A Demographic Study of Undergraduate Students Taking Group Piano Classes
Xiaoke Cheng, Leonidas F. Lagrimas, & William E. Fredrickson

Causal Beliefs of Pre-service Teachers Regarding Success or Failure in Music Teaching and Learning
Roy M. Legette, Dawn H. McCord, & Lee D. Legette

2016 Volume 18, Number 1

Technology in Music Teacher Education: A National Survey
William I. Bauer & Richard J. Dammers

Effects of Excerpt Duration on Adjudicator Ratings of Middle School Band Performances
Matthew Williams

Gender Differences in the Choral Classroom: Examining Participation and Teacher-Student Interactions
Jamey Kelley

Informal Learning Practices in the Teaching and Music Making of Music Teachers: A Preliminary Study
Robert Saunders

A Beat in Their Feet and a Rhythm to the Words: Rhythmic Intervention for At-Risk Elementary Readers
Margaret Thiele

2015 Volume 17, Number 1

The Development of a Harmonic Discrimination Test: A Pilot Study
Craig Denison

Demographics of Recent Florida High School All-State Bands
Kenna Veronee

Stereotypes of Concert Band Musicians
Jason P. Cumberledge

Residential Summer Music Camp And Its Impact On Youth: A Case Study
Ari Nemser

Anxiety and Early Learning Experiences with Improvisation: A Review of Literature
Tamara T. Thies

2014 Volume 16, Number 2

Using Advanced Measures of Music Audiation Among Adult Amateur Instrumental Musicians
Wendy Valerio, Jeremy S. Lane, and Lindsey R. Williams

Larry Lapin’s Contributions to Vocal Jazz Education
Andrew Dahan

Adult Perceptions of Community Choir Participation
Cynthia Selph and Jennifer Bugos

Singers’ Responses to Conducting Gestures, Piano Accompaniment, and Verbal Instructions
Jessica Nápoles

Rapid Success in Beginning Performing Arts Teachers: A Pilot Study
Emily Pence

2014 Volume 16, Number 1

Historical Background of the Florida Research Journal Research Perspectives in Music Education from 1990-2013
Joyce Jordan-DeCarbo and Nicholas DeCarbo

Effects of Education Budget Reductions upon School Music Program in the State of Florida
Erik W. Richards

Perceptions of Participation in a Youth Community Ensemble
Ryan V. Scherber

Musical Autobiographies of Preservice Music Educators
Stephen F. Zdzinski and Amy Jarman Horne

An Investigation of Hiring Practices by Secondary School Principals of Music Teachers
Steven N. Kelly and Keith P. Matthews

2013 Volume 15, Number 1

Managing Performance Anxiety: Strategies for Music teachers to Help Students to Overcome Anxiety
Dominique Edwards

Enriching a Special Needs Preschool Environment with Music
Louise Parks

Students’ Social and Musical Reasons for Participating in Honor Music Ensembles
Jason M. Silveira

Toward a Pedagogy of “Swing”: The Microstructure of Jazz Rhythm – A Literature Review
Brian Wesolowski

2010 Volume 14, Number 1

Music Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Musical Abilities Outside of School
Ann M. Deisler

An Examination of Middle School Band Participation in Athletic Band Activities
Steven N. Kelly and Ryan S. Kelly

Measuring Sense of Efficacy in Higher-Education Applied-Music-Performance Teachers
Kelly A. Parks

High School Students’ Perceptions of Their Future Music Participation
Debbie Rohwer and Mark Rohwer

2009 Volume 13, Number 1

Secrets of the Piped Piper: Strategies for Composing Music
Bernard W. Andrews

An Examination of High School Chorus Directors’ Attitudes Toward Non-Traditional Music Classes
Matthew L. Garrett

Perceptions of Collegiate Contemporary A Capella Ensembles
Paul J. Mayhew

Music Aptitude, Tonal Accuracy Achievement, and Singing Voice Development of Kindergarten and First-Grade Children
Catherine Ming Tu

An Exploratory Study of Middle School Music Students’ Self-Efficacy and Intention to Enroll in Future Music Classes in Traditional and Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments
Michael S. Zelenak

2008 Volume 12, Number 1

Student Retention in High School Music Programs
Billy Baker

The Effects of Instrumental Training on Non-Verbal Reasoning in Eighth-Grade Students
Jennifer Bugos and Alexis Groner

Undergraduate Band Specialists’ Attitudes Toward Teaching Strings
Jennifer Mishra

Effects of Technology-Based Task-Focused Goal Structure on General Music Students’ Attentiveness
Geoffrey A. Reynolds

2007 Volume 11, Number 1

Band Directors’ Preferences and Attitudes on the Implementation of Non-Traditional Music Classes
Jay Juchniewicz

Scientific Production in Music Education at the International Level: An Analysis of the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) database
Oswaldo Lorenzo, Lucia Herrera-Torres, and Marta Hernandez-Candelas

The Effect of Duration of Teacher Talk on the Attitude, Attentiveness, and Performance Achievement of High School Choral Students
Jessica Napoles

Gender Differences in Elementary Fifth-Graders’ Attraction to Beginning Band
Emery C. Warnock

2006 Volume 10, Number 1

A Survey of Burnout Among Elementary and Secondary School Music Teachers
H. Christian Bernhard II

Effects of Aural and Visual Stimuli From Children’s Educational Television on the Attention and Preference Responses of Young Children
Roy M. Legette and Harriet I. Hair

Relationships Between Wind Band Membership, Activity Level, Spirituality, and Quality of Life in Older Adults
Debbie Rohwer and Don Coffman

Working in Music: The Trombonist
Rosie Burt, Louise Oakes, and Janet Mills

2005 Volume 9, Number 1

A Preliminary Investigation: The Effect of String Class Instruction on Fine Motor Coordination Skills
David W. Sogin

An Investigation of the Concurrent Validity of the Discipline-based Professional Teaching Standards for Teachers of Music in Connecticut
Al D. Holcomb

From the Midwest to the Tropics: A History of the Music Therapy Program at the University of Miami
Shannon K. de l’Etoile

Students’ Perceptions of Band Directors’ Evaluation of Musical Quality
Kevin Tutt

The Effect of a Driving Simulator on Analytical Music Listening
Kevin L. Droe

The Effect of Intensity Levels in Recorded Music Excerpts on the Perception of Dynamics and Expression as Measured by a Two-Dimensional Grid
Patrick K. Carney

The Effect of Mental Practice on the Performance Achievement of Middle School Bands: An Exploratory Study
S. Daniel Galyen

The Effectiveness of 3-D Computer Animation on Listeners’ Affective and Cognitive Responses Towards Contemporary Electronic Spacemusic Utilizing 3-D Audio (Surround Sound)
Barry Atticks

The Performance and Financial Expectations of College Students Majoring in Jazz
Karendra Devroop

2004 Volume 8, Number 1

An Examination of the Teacher-Student Interaction in the Orff-Schulwerk Process
Cecilia Chu Wang and David W. Sogin

Attitudes of Pre-Service Music Education Majors Toward Electronic Portfolios
Geoffrey A. Reynolds

Measuring Fluid Ability in a College Music Appreciation Class
Mark C. Ellis

Non-Western Music Preference: An Overview
Timothy Teo

Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Music in a Musical Play
Peter deVries and Barbara Poston-Anderson

The Effect of Verbal Instruction vs. Nonverbal Instruction on the Eye Contact of Clarinetists within the Context of an Ensemble Rehearsal
Lindsey R. Williams

The Effects of Piano Keyboard Instruction on Mathematics Achievement
Lori Frances Gray, Renee Meriwether, and Diane Cummings Persellin

The Use of Information and Practices Presented by the Music Content Standards from the National Standards for Arts Education by Undergraduate Music Interns
Steven N. Kelly

2000 Volume 7, Number 1

An Exploratory Study of Personality Type Among College-Level Applied Voice Teachers
Marie Tavianini, Ph.D. and Richard K. Fiese, Ph.D.

The Effect of Anxiety on Ear Training Test Scores
Jennifer Mishra

Efficacy of Psychomotor, Vocalization, and Cognitive Strategies on Beginning Instrumentalists’ Abilities to Play by Ear
Judith K. Delzell, Debbie A Rohwer, and Diane E. Ballard

Pre-Service Teachers’ Reactions to Inclusion: Implications for Music-Teacher Preparation
Carol McDowell

Music Teachers’ Attitudes, Classroom Environments, and Music Activities in Multicultural Music Education
Sharon M. Young

Musical Autobiographies of Elementary Education Majors
Stephen F. Zdzinski

1999 Volume 6, Number 1

Spatial-Temporal Versus Language-Analytic Reasoning: The Role of Music Training
Temple Grandin, Matthew Peterson, and Gordon L. Shaw

The Garage Band: An Alternative Musical Venue
Joyce Eastlund Gromko and Dawn Heinecken

The Effects of Systematic Aural/Visual Performance Modeling on Young String Instrumentalists’ Executive and Performance Skills
Lee Wiesner Stone

The Effect of Undergraduate Students’ Jazz Performance Experience and Jazz Listening Experience on their Ratings of Stylistic Representatives of Selected Recorded Music Excerpts
Richard K. Fiese, J. David Boyle, Nicholas J. DeCarbo, and Walter G. Busse

Comparative Analysis Between Ensemble Directors and Ensemble Members Regarding Selected Qualities and Attributes of Instrumental Conductor-Educators
Victor Vallo Jr.

First-Year Results of a Study Relating Singing Instruction, Pitch Accuracy, and Gender to Aural Acuity and Vocal Achievement Among General Music Students
Kenneth H. Phillips

Effects of Popular and Classical Background Music on Math Test Scores of Undergraduate Students
Mike Manthei and Steve N. Kelly

1995 Volume 5, Number 1

Research Perspectives in Music Education: A readership Survey
Christopher Doane

Future Classroom Teachers’ Ability Self-Perceptions and Attributional Responses to Failure in Music: Do Music Fundamentals Classes Make a Difference
James R. Austin

Middle/Junior High Band Directors’ Views Regarding Reasons for Student Dropouts in Instrumental Music
J. David Boyle, Nicholas J. DeCarbo, and Douglas M. Jordan

A Pilot Study to Investigate Selected Variables Related to Retention in the Elementary School String Class
Michael L. Allen

Minority Students in Music Performance Programs
Michelle Watts and Christopher Doane

Summaries of Recent Research in Florida
Bobby L. Adams, Michael S. Bell, Suzanne Rita Byrnes. Kevin A. Fenton, Kyle R. Gengo, Michael German, Michael F. Heaney, Sarah J. Hess, Thomas R. Wine, and Robert H. Woody III

1993 Volume 4, Number 1

Curriculum Issues in Early Childhood Education: All I Really Need to Know I Learned Before Kindergarten
Donna Brink Fox

Casual Attributions of Music Majors and Nonmusic Majors Regarding Success and Failure in Music: A Study of Motivation and Achievement
Roy M. Legette

Toward a Concept of Curriculum for Music Education
Bennett Reimer

Music Education and Student Self-Concept: A Review of Literature
Jeanne Wrasman Reynolds

Effects of Required Concert Attendance on Attitudes of College Students Enrolled in Music Courses for Nonmusic Majors
Wendy L. Sims Terry L. Kuhn

1992 Volume 3, Number 1

Music Teacher Behaviors in the General Music Classroom and Their Relationship to Student Achievement in Music
Christopher Doane

Musical Learning for Hearing Impaired Children
Victoria S. Hagedorn

The Effect of Modeling and Silent Analysis on the Performance Effectiveness of Advanced Elementary Instrumentalists
Patrick M. Fortney

An Examination of Selected Aspects of Pitch-Matching Problems Among Children
Mary Jeanette Howle

Consistency in Applied Music Behavior: An Exploratory Study
Charles P. Schmidt and Barbara E. Lewis

1991 Volume 2, Number 1

Orientation and Intentionality as Components of Creative Musical Activity
John Kratus

Arts Education as Equal Educational Opportunity: The Evolution of a Concept
John W. Richmond

The Effect of High Versus Low Teacher Affect and Active Versus Passive Student Activity During Music Listening on High School General Music Students’ Attention
William O. Hughes

Orchestra Festival Evaluations: Interjudge Agreement and Relationships Between Performance Categories and Final Ratings
Barry R. Garman, J. David Boyle, and Nicholas J. DeCarbo

A Rationale and Set of Principles for the Development of a Systematic Approach to English Diction in Choral Performance
Robert E. Fischer

1990 Volume 1, Number 1

The Effects of Different Practice Techniques Upon Technical Accuracy and Musicality In Student Instrumental Musical Performance
Nancy H. Barry

Effect on a Visual Prompt On Changes in Antecedents and Consequents of Teaching Behavior
David E. Wolfe

An Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Musics in Florida: Multicultural Approaches in the Music Classroom
Dale A. Olsen

Toward a Theory of Developmental Music Aptitude
Janet L. S. Moore

A Validation of Music Teacher Behaviors Based on Music Achievement in Elementary General Music Students
Christopher Doane, Claudia Davidsen, and Jayne Hartman

A Profile of All-State Instrumentalists
Nicholas DeCarbo, Richard Fiese, and J. David Boyle

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