Export MPA Results

FSMA, FMEA, and it's component organziations are making data from the publicly available Music Performance Assessment reports available here as a Microsoft Excel file for the convenience to music education researchers. Even though this data is publicly available through the FSMA MPA Reports, when used for research purposes we ask that you follow the FMEA Research Committee guidelines for soliciting data from FMEA members:

  • Submit results, when available, for presentation at the next FMEA conference
  • Obtain IRB approval from your institution
  • Make sure the study has an acceptable level of validity

Because the Excel file contains individual adjudicator ratings there are multiple rows for each ensemble, one row for each adjudicator and their rating. The other columns contain data that partains to the entire ensemble and are duplicated within each row for the ensemble.

This report only contains data for Concert Choral, Orchestra, Band, Jazz, and Marching Band MPA events. If you need a file that also contains Solo/Ensemble participation data or a single row for each entry without individual judge ratings, please see the excel download on the MPA Report page.

Customized data exports are available from FSMA at the market rate for custom SQL development. For a quote, please contact the Center for Fine Arts Education at web@CFAEFL.org.