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Music Performance Assessment Report

FBA District 15  Marching Band MPA

Assessment Dates:
10/17/2020  - 10/17/2020
Assessment Site:
Coral Springs High School


NameCaptionBoard Approved
Nicholas ThomasVisual Performance/M&M
Monica LeimerGeneral Effect
Bernie HendricksMusic
Tanya JacksonAuxiliary
Seth WexlerPercussion

This Event Was Cancelled

Ratings: S=Superior, E=Excellent, G=Good, F=Fair, P=Poor, DNA=Did Not Arrive, DQ=Disqualified, CO=Comments Only

There are no schools registered for this MPA.
Total Entries: 0
Total Students: 0
*An asterisk next to the final rating indicates the rating was lowered due to a rules infraction.