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(this page is out-of-date after March 2007)

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Assessment Form  - for STATE, use this form instead of the assessment form in the Festival program. Type your info directly onto the form before printing it. It will calculate the costs for you.

How to attach your entry file to an e-mail

To avoid scheduling conflicts, directors conducting brass/woodwind choirs or chamber groups need to list themselves as Accompanist for the event.  This will prevent any double-booking. 

Entry forms are NOT SENT TO DUANE! You must send them to this address instead:

Betty Jo Couch Services
1242 Jade Ln. NE
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Regarding Special Requests and Scheduling Preferences:
Special requests are to be used for a minimum number of students with exceptional scheduling needs. Date preferences should be filled in on the "Preferences" part of the School Information page in the Festival for Schools program.

If your school has extenuating circumstances and is only available one day, fill in the other two dates under the "Do Not Schedule During these Periods" box on the same School Information page. Fill in 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the times. Please remember that schools who are late submitting paperwork may not receive the date and/or times requested. The order in which schools are scheduled is based on the postmark date of the paperwork.

A letter on school letterhead with your signature should be included if you have extenuating circumstances. If you will be available two days or are available to start at 9 a.m., please send that information as well.

Read the following information carefully:

Included in the MPA will be instrumental and auxiliary solos and ensembles (including chamber winds, choirs, and percussion ensembles), and jazz bands.  In order to qualify for State S&E MPA, high school students must earn a Superior rating on a Grade V or higher piece at the District level.

Please review your handbook before submitting your registration.  The following items are required for registration to be complete.  Any missing items will result in a delay in scheduling your students and having to pay a fine:

When you e-mail your "Festival" file, you will receive an acknowledgement when it is received.  However, your registration is not complete and cannot be processed until all of the paperwork and fees are received by the scheduling office.(Subject to fines)   REMEMBER, if you choose to send a purchase order with your entry form instead of a check, the payment MUST be received by the FBA State Solo and Ensemble office within 14 days of your District MPA.