2022 Conference Registration

FMEA 2022 Professional Development Conference and All-State Experience
January 12 - 15, 2022

Tampa Convention Center

By registering for this event, I hereby grant permission to use any and all photographic imagery and video footage taken of me at this event and activities pertaining to this event, without payment or any other consideration. I understand that such materials may be published electronically or in print, or used in presentations or exhibitions.

By registering for this event, I heaeby acknowledge that I fully understand the nature and extent of the risk related to the COVID-19 virus and other contatgious dieseases and agree that by attending this conference and any related events, I do so at my own risk. Additionally, I expressly acknowledge the following:

  • infection by COVID-19 can result in death;
  • COVID-19 is highly contagious;
  • the risk of infection and transmission are higher in indoor facilities;
  • there are no safety precautions that totally eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19; and
  • individuals with various underlying medical conditions may experience worse outcomes.

Information about the precautions we are taking is posted on our Health Information Page

All registration information must be entered here. At the end, you will have the opportunity to either print an invoice to send in with a check up until one week before the pre-registration deadline, or pay on-line instantly with a credit card up until the pre-registration deadline.


Registration Prices And Procedures*

*Membership in FMEA and NAfME is a prerequisite for registration. See the Registration Policies for details.

DescriptionPre-Registration Rates:
September 18 - December 12
On-Site Rates:
Collegiate Member$58.00$88.00
Retired Member$0.00$0.00
Non-Teaching Spouse$73.00$98.00
Non-Teaching Spouse of Retired Member$0.00$0.00
Paid Chaperone$53.00$73.00
Free Chaperone$0.00$0.00
All State Student$63.00$93.00
Tri-M Student$38.00$38.00
Pre-Conference Workshop$58.00$68.00
Pre-Conference Workshop (First Year Teachers)$25.00$25.00
Student Experience - Student$38.00$38.00
Student Experience - Chaperone$38.00$38.00
To take advantage of early discounted rates, you must register and pay before the deadlines.
*If you are mailing a check to the FMEA Office to pay for your registration, it must be postmarked early enough so that it will ARRIVE in the FMEA office before the Pre-Registration Deadline.

  1. All participants - directors, students, chaperones and guests - must be registered for the conference
  2. Only directors may register their groups or pick up registration materials if pre-registered.
  3. All participating students must be chaperoned. As required by FMEA and FSMA, at least one chaperone other than a director is required for every ten (10) students or fraction thereof, however, FMEA policy allows for one free Chaperone for every six (6) students or fraction thereof.
  4. An additional paid Chaperone may be registered for (a) each six (6) students registered or (b) for each All-State rehearsal site where registered students are performing.
  5. If a participating student is not accompanied by the director from that student's school, then the principal from that school must furnish a letter designating the person from the school or school district who is to be in charge of that student. The letter should be addressed to the FMEA Executive Director, explain the extenuating circumstances preventing the director from attending, and must be submitted with registration materials. The school will be notified of approval.
  6. Student observers are not allowed to attend the conference. If any student observers are brought to the conference, the offending school's participation in the conference may be eliminated the following year. (Tri-M students registered and participating in sessions or working for the All-State Concerts are exempt from this rule.)
  7. All school music teachers must register for the conference as FMEA directors and be current members of the FMEA. This includes directors of invited performing groups, mini-concerts, and session presenters. All-State conductors from Florida schools, colleges or universities must also be FMEA members. No current music teacher may register as a chaperon.

Refund Policies

  1. Full registration refunds are available for cancellation requests made through December 15th.
  2. No registration refunds will be made for cancellations made after December 15th, except for emergency situations. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Refunds must be requested in writing (email is acceptable).
  4. All requests for refunds must be received no later than January 31st. Requests received after that date will not be processed.
  5. All refunds are issued after the conference is completed.
  6. There are no refunds for concert tickets.

Chaperone Registration

Chaperone Registration is based on the following rules:

Elementary Students:

  • For each elementary student registered, one free Chaperone and one paid chaperone may be registered.
  • Any additional attendees must purchase a "Guest Pass" at on-site registration for entry into the convention center.

Middle School and High School Students:

  • For every six students registered, one free Chaperone and one paid chaperone may be registered. No other chaperones may be registered until the seventh student is registered.
  • Any additional attendees(chaperones or guests) must purchase a "Guest Pass" at on-site registration for entry into the convention center.
    • If you have students in more than one performing ensemble you may pay for a chaperon for each performing ensemble in which you have registered students.
    • If you have students from different schools you may pay for a Chaperone for each school for which you have registered students.

Concert Tickets Reservation and Payment

1. Registered (BADGED) attendees do not require tickets to attend any All-State concert. This includes directors/members, directors' non-teaching spouses, performing All-State students, registered chaperons, collegiate student members, retired members, and VIP guests that you entered as part of your conference registration.

2. All nonregistered attendees (NONBADGED) (parents, family members, guests, etc.) are required to purchase tickets for any All-State concert they wish to attend.

3. There are no “free” or “allotted” tickets. All concert attendees must either wear their conference badge or purchase a ticket.

4. A director who pre-registers on-line may reserve and pre-pay for All-State concert tickets for non-registered attendees for concerts in which he or she has registered all-state students. If paid for on-line, these tickets will be preloaded into the director's registration package.

5. Directors who register on-site may purchase all-state concert tickets for non-registered attendees for concerts in which he or she has registered all-state students during the on-site registration process.

6. Directors with All-State students may purchase additional concert tickets for non-registered attendees for concerts in which they have performing students anytime at the conference on-site registration desk or designated ticket sales location.

7. General ticket sales for All-State concerts will begin at 11 a.m. on Thursday morning at the FMEA registration desk. There is no requirement that the director or any other registered attendee be the person purchasing these tickets after this time.

8. All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds for any concert tickets.

9. For entrance, ticket, and concert purposes, a concert is defined as the pair of ensembles that are performing in the same venue in a common, defined block of time. An example of a "concert" for purposes of entrance, ticketing, etc., would be the 1 p.m. concert for the All-State Concert Orchestra and the All-State Concert Band.

Concerts at the Straz Performing Arts Center:

If not already purchased by a registered director, all non-registered attendees (parents, family members, guests, etc.) may purchase tickets for any Straz concert they wish to attend at the FMEA registration desk between 11 a.m. on Friday and 10 a.m. on Saturday. Starting 10 a.m. on Saturday, all remaining tickets for Straz concerts will be sold only outside of the Straz Performing Arts Center.

Registered (BADGED) conference attendees no longer need to pick up “free” tickets in advance.

There will be a separate line for badged attendees. An FMEA staff member or volunteer will be standing at the front of this line leading into the Straz center to distribute tickets to badged attendees as they walk into the performing arts center. Only one ticket per badged person will be distributed, and that person must immediately walk into the Straz center and give the ticket to the Straz staff member who is collecting tickets.