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2025 Conference Registration

FMEA 2025 Professional Development Conference and All-State Concerts
January 8 - 11, 2025

Tampa Convention Center

Photography/Videography Release: By registering for this event, I hereby grant permission to use any and all photographic imagery and video footage taken of me at this event and activities pertaining to this event, without payment or any other consideration. I understand that such materials may be published electronically or in print, or used in presentations or exhibitions.

Refund requests to change payment method will not be approved. Make sure you consult with your bookkeeper to use the appropriate payment method before continuing. For our full refund policy, see the "Policies" page at

Health Risk Disclaimer: By registering for this event, I hereby acknowledge that I fully understand the nature and extent of the risk related to the COVID-19 virus and other contagious diseases and agree that by attending this conference and any related events, I do so at my own risk. Additionally, I expressly acknowledge the following:

  • infection by COVID-19 can result in death;
  • COVID-19 is highly contagious;
  • the risk of infection and transmission are higher in indoor facilities;
  • there are no safety precautions that totally eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19; and
  • individuals with various underlying medical conditions may experience worse outcomes.

Information about the precautions we are taking is posted on our Health Information Page

Student and Parent Contact Information: In order to assist all attendees as they visit the exhibit hall, contact info will be encoded into a barcode on their badge. When they allow an exhibitor to scan their badge, the exhibitor will be able to follow up with them after the conference. Because your students and their parent chaperones may be speaking with Colleges, Universities, or new instrument companies in the exhibit hall, please provide accurate and correct contact information as you add them to your conference registraion to make sure they can receive the proper follow-up information. FMEA does not sell or release this data to any third-party, including exhibitors or sponsors. It will only be available to exhibitors the attendee allows to scan their badge.

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