Call for Music List Submissions

FBA Solo & Ensemble Music List

This is a call for the FBA membership to submit Solo and Ensemble works for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Please be reminded of the protocol for new submissions - that you include a scan of the score of the piece you are submitting - and of the deadline. 

If the piece is a multi-movement work, please submit the entire solo part. 

If the piece is an ensemble, please submit the score for the ensemble.

All submissions will either be added to the S&E Music List OR you will receive an email that the piece was denied.

Please make sure to include your email so that if there are any questions concerning the piece submitted, you can be emailed for clarification. 

A window will open for Publshers to submit works for consideration to the S&E Music List in January of 2022.  Please do not submit works during this open window as it is the primary responsibility of this committee to address the membership requests for the 2021-2022 S&E Music Performance Assessments .  Please be on the lookout for the open window for publishers in January of 2022. 

Before continuing, please make sure you have the following:

  • PDF file with a .pdf file extension: Solos should include the entire piece, including accompaniment. For ensembles and concert literature this pdf file must be the full score. The title of the piece should be in the file name.
  • (Optional) MP3 file(s) with .mp3 file extension. The title of the piece should be in the file name. Multi-movement works can be split into separate mp3 files or combined into one.
  • All of the information requested below.

Your session will time out 20 minutes after submitting this first page. Please compile all materials in advance and do not stay on a page for more than 20 minutes.