State Music Performance Assessment (MPA) Reports

Here you can view the State Music Performance Assessment (MPA) Report for all the schools in Florida that participated in the MPA activities.

The mission of FSMA is to ensure that member schools have safe, consistent, high-quality, educationally challenging and fiscally sound music events to expand the musicianship and skills of their students and teachers. The Florida School Music Association (FSMA) coordinates and oversees all interscholastic music activities in the state of Florida. FSMA membership is required for schools that wish to participate in state sanctioned interscholastic music activities.

The FSMA Board of Directors has representation from the Florida Association of District School Superintendents, the Florida Association of School Administrators, the Florida Association of Secondary School Principals, the Florida Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals, the Florida School Board Association, the Florida Music Education Association, the Non-Public School Advisory Council, the Florida Parent Education Association, the Florida Department of Education, and the associations that conduct music performance assessments.

The information recorded in this report is obtained from reports submitted by FBA, FOA, and FVA district chairpersons and executive directors. If you find mistakes on this report, first contact your District Chairman for district MPA problems, or your Component Executive Director or Business Manager for State MPA problems. FSMA does not have independent means of verifying the information submitted to us. If you have any questions or comments concerning this report or other FSMA activities, please call Dr. Kathleen Sanz, Executive Director, at (800) 301-3632 or email at

Explanation of terms used in the State Music Report

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