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The management system for Florida Music Performance Assessments sanctioned by FSMA, and FMEA All-State ensemble auditions.

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Music Teachers Only

Other than the public links above, this website is for secondary Guitar, Band, Chorus, and Orchestra directors and teachers only. If you are a student or a parent, you must register through your director at school. If you are an Elementary Music Teacher, please login from the FMEA website.

Getting Started Guide

If you have a username and password from last year, use it. Even if you are at a different school this year, you can use your username and password from last year and don't need to create another account.

Membership Requirements

Your school must be a member of FSMA to register and participate in Music Performance Assessments (MPAs). Renewal paperwork was sent to your music department head, principal, and bookkeeper over the summer. If you are at a new school that needs to join FSMA, please see the new school enrollment form on the FSMA Website.
Join or renew by September 15 to take advantage of discounted prices.

You must be a member of FMEA for your students to participate in All-State Auditions. Band, Orchestra, and Chorus teachers must also be a member of the corresponding component association (FBA, FOA, or FVA) as well. Join or renew your FMEA and component association membership from the FMEA website.

District Chair Training

Training videos for district chairs are now available. View the first one to learn how to access the District Chair section, and then click the link at the top of the district chair main page to access the rest of them.